All the Answers Are Inside of You

It might make you roll your eyes a little, but it's true!

From a young age we're taught to routinely disconnect from our intuition, it's no wonder that when we start to make decisions we look to pros and cons lists or 'a sign' or even sometimes a 'signier sign' (just me?)! Human Design shows us we're not designed to make decisions in our head - not a single one of us. So from this day forward, banish the decision lists! What we really need to do is reconnect with our own inner guidance system - our feelings and our intuition. And that's what this hypnosis is designed to do for you!

Do you get Decision Fatigue?

Have you ever been in your head so much, when someone asks you a relatively simple question and needs a decision, you just can't answer them? I did it once at a nail salon - a complete meltdown over colour choice - it really wasn't that hard a decision to make, I'd just had so much happening that day, it became one decision too many. This is decision fatigue. When you think about how every day an adult makes an average of 35,000 decisions - you can see how this happens so easily!

A lot of those decisions, you've put on autopilot with routine - what do I eat, when do I wake up, what do I do when I wake up etc. Let's say only 10% - even 5% of those decisions need conscious thought (science says it's actually significantly higher, but let's go with it) - that's 1,750 decisions per day. What is your defined decision making system so you can confidently make decisions and stop the mind chatter and fatigue?

When we reconnect with our intuition, all decisions, big or small, become a simple, quick test - is this right for me? Yes - go, No, wait. It really is simple, but simple doesn't always mean easy - particularly when we haven't been flexing that particular muscle.

This hypnosis helps you start using your intuition muscles again. Like working out at the gym, you might start slow and a little stilted, but as you practice more and more with the hypnosis, eventually your decisions will become second nature. You'll have a confident answer, come what may and move forward solid in the knowledge you've made the correct decision for you.

No Decision Needs to Be Hard

It seems like a grand statement, but it's absolutely true. Maybe taking the action after the decision might be a little tricky, but your body instinctively knows what is correct for you in any given moment. Start listening to your body by practicing with this Hypnosis.

I made this for you...

If you regularly feel overwhelmed about all the decisions you have to make. I made this for you if you have a big decision coming up and you feel completely stuck on which way to go. I made this for you if you feel like you've disconnected with your intuition and you're ready to reclaim the power of this piece of you.

  • Your body is full of wisdom, why else would you get a gut feel about something or someone? It's time to harness this wisdom.

  • Everything you need to make clear and confident decisions is inside of you, it's just been laying dormant for a while.

  • You are powerful beyond measure. With your willingness to look inside and do the work you have the capacity to create the world you wish to see.

It's not at all scary, I promise!

It's not even hard. It's really just taking 10 minutes to listen to your body.

You could absolutely do this on your own, but what I've found, like with anything we're learning new, it's much easier when you have someone walking you through it. And that's what this hypnosis is!

Me walking you through the steps of connecting into your intuition one decision at a time. It's my desire that you'll get so good at it, you'll stop listening to it! You'll just know, in the moment, anytime. But that's like trying to deadlift 100kg - maybe not on your first day?

It's taken me about 7 years to perfect this process - I'm hoping it takes you less! I went from waking in the middle of the night, anxious about some decision that was coming up, trying to write out lists at 3am and then picking a side and still second guessing myself. It was pretty exhausting. Now, I can run through options, feel into each one and make a decision (with no looking back) in a couple of minutes. Even for BIG ones! (It freaks my mum out a little when I buy a car in an hour or so).

The hypnosis itself is a 10 minute track that will take you through a process of relaxation and exploration into the options that are available to you - maybe even some new ones you hadn't yet thought of and feeling which of those is the best for you, right now. From that place, you will intuitively know what to do next!

Making Decisions Confidently will Free Up Your Mind to Focus on the Things and People You Love

When you're not debating which action you should take at work, in your relationship or financially, you have more head space and focus for the people you love and the things you love to do. Wouldn't that be nice?

Here's what others have to say:

“I absolutely love working with Jess. Such a bright, caring and helpful lady who always has an idea to help me move forward. Even on the days where I feel I had nothing to celebrate, Jess shows me the positive to the situation I am in, gives me a solution to help move me forward and encourages me to dream bigger than I ever thought possible.”

Tarryn R.

“Hey Jessica, I just wanted to say thanks again for this. I feel more clear on who I am and more aligned with myself and my business. Love your beautiful calming energy ❤”

Delisse B.

Why do this with me?

I am an alchemist.

Defined as a person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process.

When you work with me, or do one of my healings, you see what is truly possible for you and start to walk toward it. It is as though you've been working down a dark corridor, one way only. When you're with me, you step into a circular room of doors, full of possibility. Ones you've potentially denied for so long and some you never even considered a possibility. And then you have a choice.

Step through the door. Do the work that allows you to move forward into that reality - or.... Go back. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Excuses, stories, limiting beliefs, disempowerment - all take you back to the corridor.

Doing the work moves you forward.

Together we mix a new future seemingly magically, right before your very eyes.

My knowledge and certifications in Human Design, Hypnotherapy (and even Financial Planning) all combine to make you the most powerful products to transform your energy, and by extension, your way of life. But most importantly, each of my healings are infused with loving, healing energy that I have channeled which is given to you each time you listen.

You wouldn't be here if you weren't ready to move forward to your own 'True North'.

I love you,

Jess xo


  • How & when do I get the download?

    You'll receive instant access to the download after you finalise payment. You'll be taken to the download page, so you can download the audio track to your phone or computer.

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    As our digital products are available instantly, refunds are not applicable. However, if you're not happy, we want to hear about it. Email me at [email protected], so I can help address this for you.

  • How quickly will this work & do you guarantee the results?

    What I love about what I do here for you, is that I allow you to heal yourself. All the power for your healing and your outcome is in your hands. How quickly do you want it to happen? And what results would you like? If you want to speed it up, do the healing more frequently, be more curious, journal and stay focussed on what you desire, not what you don't want. With focus and playfulness you'll transform your decision making process faster.

  • How do I use the discount code?

    If you have a code, click on any Buy Now button and you'll be taken to the checkout, when you can enter your coupon code, prior to finalising payment.

Are you Ready to Make Quick and Confident Decisions Every Time to Free Up Head Space for What you Love?