It's the Yin & the Yang

Literally. Yin & Yang ARE the Masculine & Feminine Energies.

We've heard about Yin & Yang since we were kids and that it needs to be in balance, but what they didn't go on to tell us is that this also about our inner mascualine and feminine energies. You've also heard how 'opposites attract' - this is what they're referring to.

We all have masculine and feminine energy, not at all linked to our gender, and we naturally skew one way - generally feminine for females and masculine for males - but it's not at all a hard and fast rule, in fact, it's really fluid. Our own energies are really fluid too, in any moment, on any day.

Though to have real attraction, and not just be mates with someone, you need polarising energies - masculine in one and feminine in the other. When we show up to a date in our masculine because usually, that's what our day (week, years!) demands of us, we don't allow that natural attraction. And that is what this healing is for - helping you to expand your feminine energy, so you can turn up your fully energetically attractive and amazing self!

Imagine Your Ideal Relationship...

What would the 'perfect' morning look like for you and your partner? Who would get up first? What time would you get up? What would breakfast be like? It's a Saturday - what would you do next?

In this scenario, what is the man in your life like? What are you like? Who are you being?

Are you being this women in your every day life, right now? Is your masculine energy supporting your feminine energy like this, right now?

I'm going to hazard a guess and say no, or you wouldn't be here.

For the longest time, I was internally in constant conflict. My Feminine energy didn't trust my masculine energy to protect her, so she withdrew. This meant externally, I was showing up really masculine - don't get me wrong I LOOKED feminine and girlie, but my energy was hard. I was looking to achieve; tick things off the list; uncompromising and, well, ballsy. Pretty normal in this day and age when as women, we're now business owners, corporate leaders and all round boss babes. But.... our energy is not designed to be this 24/7.

It was a SUPER long journey - years, in fact - for me to balance my energies and I've learnt a lot of things along the way, which is why I created this healing for you. It's the culmination of all my meditation; journalling; healing work; channeling and coaching, distilled into a track you can listen to over and over again.

Healing is the Path to All you Desire

It seems like a grand statement, but it's absolutely true. The world is reflecting back to you, what is inside of you. when you heal the parts of yourself you don't love, the world will love them too. What are you giving up if you don't heal this now?

I made this for you...

If everyone you know says you're a great catch and can't understand why you're single. If you know you were destined for more happiness and joy than you feel right now. And you know, deep down, that you have the power to change it all.

  • Everything is energy. This healing helps you align the energy inside of yourself to produce the outcomes you would like in your life.

  • Your outer world can only ever reflect your inner world. For it to change, you have to change, even just subtly.

  • You are powerful beyond measure. With your willingness to look inside and do the work you have the capacity to move worlds.

I promise it's not scary!

All this talk of 'doing the work' might make it sound difficult. It's not!

All in all, 'doing the work' is nearly always simple, but it does bring up thoughts and feelings you may have long buried, which is where it becomes 'work' so to speak.

I battled for years, some might say in a masculine way (surprise!) on making sure I cleared the stuff that needed clearing so I could move forward. My coaches were always surprised at how quickly I could shift things, and while I was doing that, I still wasn't quite getting what I wanted in my life. Until one day, a mentor and now friend of mine said - just play with it. Stop being so damn serious. Huh.

With the attitude of curisosity, play and lightness when it came to what was going on inside of me, I was able to shift things even faster. My life is unrecognisable to even 2 years ago, when I was Zip-paying bread because I didn't have any cash, lonely and couldn't work out why things weren't aligning for me. Play. Play with this my lovely.

The healing itself is a 13 minute track that will take you through a process of relaxation and exploration to what is going on for you and what would help to address in this moment. From there, you decide what to do with that information. Journal, draw, move your body, cry, laugh, share. Anything! You will intuitively know what to do next.

Healing Your Relationship with Yourself will Ripple Out into Every Aspect of Your Life

Whether it's feeling super confident on the next date you go on, creating epic working relationships or family ones - when you heal yourself it positively impacts every area of your life. Be the best version of you, you can be, right now.

Here's what others have to say:

“I absolutely love working with Jess. Such a bright, caring and helpful lady who always has an idea to help me move forward. Even on the days where I feel I had nothing to celebrate, Jess shows me the positive to the situation I am in, gives me a solution to help move me forward and encourages me to dream bigger than I ever thought possible.”

Tarryn R.

“Hey Jessica, I just wanted to say thanks again for this. I feel more clear on who I am and more aligned with myself and my business. Love your beautiful calming energy ❤”

Delisse B.

Why do this with me?

I am an alchemist.

Defined as a person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process.

When you work with me, or do one of my healings, you see what is truly possible for you and start to walk toward it. It is as though you've been working down a dark corridor, one way only. When you're with me, you step into a circular room of doors, full of possibility. Ones you've potentially denied for so long and some you never even considered a possibility. And then you have a choice.

Step through the door. Do the work that allows you to move forward into that reality - or.... Go back. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Excuses, stories, limiting beliefs, disempowerment - all take you back to the corridor.

Doing the work moves you forward.

Together we mix a new future seemingly magically, right before your very eyes.

My knowledge and certifications in Human Design, Hypnotherapy (and even Financial Planning) all combine to make you the most powerful products to transform your energy, and by extension, your way of life. But most importantly, each of my healings are infused with loving, healing energy that I have channeled which is given to you each time you listen.

You wouldn't be here if you weren't ready to move forward to your own 'True North'.

I love you,

Jess xo

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  • How & when do I get the download?

    You'll receive instant access to the download after you finalise payment. You'll be taken to the download page, so you can download the audio track to your phone or computer.

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    As our digital products are available instantly, refunds are not applicable. However, if you're not happy, we want to hear about it. Email me at [email protected], so I can help address this for you.

  • How quickly will this work & do you guarantee the results?

    What I love about what I do here for you, is that I allow you to heal yourself. All the power for your healing and your outcome is in your hands. How quickly do you want it to happen? And what results would you like? If you want to speed it up, do the healing more frequently, be more curious, journal and stay focussed on what you desire, not what you don't want. With focus and playfulness your transform your relationships faster.

  • Why is the Bundle Better?

    The thing about energy is, it's daily practice - like showering. The more you calibrate and balance your energy, the more it expands, the more it calibrates, the more it expands and on and on. You never get it done - and why would you want to? When our energy is complete, we've moved on from this life. As we expand and grow, different challenges will present themselves, so if you have the bundle, you can choose which healing will benefit you most in that moment. Is it a relationships that needs rebalancing, or do you need to be more in your feminine flow, or do you need to dive into how your inner child is feeling and heal something there? You will always know what's best.

Are you Ready to Embrace the Power of your Inner Feminine and show Her to the World?