What You'll Learn

In this free course, you'll learn how to make decisions confidently and quickly, without the need for outside opinions.

  • Understand your own guidance system so you can understand what it looks like and how it feels in your body.

  • Understand what your personal decision making style is so you can feel confident in every decision you make.

  • Reconnect with the powerful force you are an clear away mind chatter so you can feel powerful and peaceful each day.

More About your Mentor

Jessica, at heart is an Alchemist.

Hello! I work with women who know they are destined for more in this life. Women who are fed up with the definitions, roles, and 'shoulds' that society has put on them and are ready to fully stand in their own power and love themselves completely. Together, we strip away the outside influences that no longer suit you and reconnect you to the lost parts of yourself, to create your new future - the future you always dreamed of and are now ready to claim.

I use my intution and energy, my learned knowledge of Human Design and how the brain works, along with my experience in working with women all over the world to go beyond your words and understand what switch we need to flick, to get you the results you desire. My clients have told me they just need to be in my energy to understand themselves deeper and start to connect in with their own power. My role is just that, to help you connect back in to the truth of who you really are and fully see yourself as the power house that you are. Because you are.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Oh, hi there!

    • If you've never done a course on Thinkific before: This will help!

    • Before we begin... Some Questions...

  • 2

    Your Inner Guidance

    • Human Design as a Guide - Getting your Chart

    • What really is Intuition?

    • Human Design as a Guide - What it's all about!

    • Your Inbuilt Guidance System

  • 3

    Inner Guidance in the World

    • So, now what? (Special Offer Inside)

    • Before you go...

Reconnect with Your Own Inner Guidance System

Make the right decision, always.