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with Jessica Gwynne

Are you ready to stop the overwhelm?
Do you often feel like there's too much to do and not enough time to do it in?

Or do you feel like you don't know where to start?

Or do you need clarity around which direction to go in?
All of these things can be overcome with the right support.

Are you ready to stop the overwhelm?
Do you often feel like there's too much to do and not enough time to do it in?

Or do you feel like you don't know where to start?

Or do you need clarity around which direction to go in?
All of these things can be overcome with the right support.

Join me in Taking Inspired Action so you can gain clarity in your direction, support on taking action that will move you towards your goal (and stop being busy for the sake of being busy!), bust procrastination and give you ongoing certainty along your business journey.
Each day you'll be encouraged to post up your intentions and what inspired action looks like and be followed up in the evening, to review and celebrate. 
What did success look like this week and what did you achieve? We celebrate the wins and rework the 'losses' so that you continue to move towards your goals. 
You can't take inspired action if you don't know where you're heading - so each month we review our goals and get clear on where we're headed in our businesses.
Owning a business is like climbing a mountain, it may seem like a hard slog, but every now and then if you stop and look down, you'll see how far you've come. 
  •  Gain Clarity: have certainty in your path, so you know where you're going and how you're going to get there. 
  •  Be Supported: Know that someone's got your back every step of the way. I will be your biggest cheerleader and if needed, I may give you a little butt kicking (lovingly) if that's what you need to move forward, 
  •  Have a Community: Become part of a group of women who are also earning their worth, so together you can all make HUGE positive change in this world.  
  •  Earn Your Worth: My most important mission. I will not rest until each of my LadyB's have built their businesses up to where they always dreamed they would be and be earning their worth. 
All of this support for you to move forward in your business is only $9.99 per week
Starting something new can be a little scary and you might not even know me from a bar of soap - I get it! So, try it out and if it's not for you, you get my 
7-day 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee
All you need to do is complete your application below. You will receive an email to the address entered below confirming your acceptance and instructions on how to join the group.
STEP 1: Complete your application
$9.99 per week
$39.99 per Month (Save $5 p/m)
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I'm an expert do-er, here to help you take the small action steps you need to help you move towards your goals faster - so you can earn your worth!

I was a terrible employee. I got reprimanded for moonlighting at one company when I didn't even know what it was... It was a steep learning curve! They made me give all the money from the event I created away  and my enthusiasm at their workplace waned considerably.
I was bored and thus started a blog about shoes. It started to take off and I realised there was something in this 'digital marketing bizzo' and became a learning nerd. I devoured everything I could about social media marketing, direct marketing online, sales funnels - everything!
After a trip to Tony Robbins' UPW in 2014, I quit full time employment forever and it's been a rollercoaster since then.
 Client Kiosk, my first business, was SMM for Financial Planners. While the business was outwardly succesful I never felt comfortable in my business. I was looking for someone to tell me if I was 'business-ing' right; or give me a quick answer on how to get where I wanted to go - I had a BIG goal and I wanted someone to hold my hand.

I was fearful I'd never reach my goal and worried that what I was selling wasn't good enough... that I wasn't good enough - and I put pressure on myself to reach all of my goals, yesterday.
My whole purpose to starting a business was so I could have freedom from time, money and location. I wanted to travel more and spend more time with the people I loved while also having time to pursue my passions (like ballroom dancing!). I had decided that my BIG goal was to earn $100,000 a month - that would solve all of those desires in a second. 

When I found myself working 18 hours a day and dreading checking my emails in the morning, I thought if I just knew more, then I'd figure it all out. So I started learning ALL the things. I joined masterminds; read books; downloaded all the freebies and listened to podcasts like a crazy person - but I was still going around in circles. I got confused by the conflicting opinions of others and I was tired of implementing and getting nowhere. Simply put, I was overwhelmed.

At that time, I was reading some of Tim Ferris' work about successful people and it dawned on me that every single person he was talking about had certainty in their direction; they knew what value they brought to others. It turns out, deep down I knew what I wanted:

To help women who want to make positive change in the world earn their worth..... But, how?

I got it, I thought! Stop DOING the marketing for people and TEACH the marketing - then women will be empowered to build their own businesses So, I created a community of women who were learning all the strategies and information they needed. Except... I felt like a fraud. There were so many experts selling their way and using fear to sell. It felt icky. 
What made me the expert? Nothing really. I just knew a lot of stuff. How could I have certainty in my path, when the path I took was flawed? It was then that I realised I was adding to the problem, not solving it.
I was creating more overwhelm, the thing I set out to get rid of!

It became crystal clear that my path was to walk WITH the LadyBosses I served, not point where they 'should' be going.

From that day forward I stopped being busy for the sake of being busy and took inspired action in my business. The action that would move me towards my goals. I worked with a partner to help me stick to my daily actions. This was my 'secret' I'd been searching for, for so long. Action... little steps, every day. Since then, my business has taken off.

Incidentally, I have not yet reached $100,000 per month (my BIG goal). I did however get more business for less effort; less hours and less stress.
I realised that all I really wanted all along was to feel success within (it turns out, outwardly I'd always been viewed as successful) and with daily action, I now feel it!

This feeling of success now means that I am unattached to earning a particular amount of money and am wholly committed to serving as many women as possible. I am walking the path with them. Now I am successful within and with out.

Are you ready to cut the overwhelm in your business & earn your worth? 
While Taking Inspired Action is in its launch phase, Jess has been helping LadyBosses in a coaching, supporting and accountability role for just over 3 years. This is what others who have worked with her have to say:
"Even on the days I'm not posting in the group, TIA has now trained me to wake up and do the intentions & actions - and then get it done. It's trained my brain to be action orientated - but not just to be busy - but to move forward. As a teacher Jess is patient, gentle and deeply insightful. She'll get serious about her work and you can see how much she cares, and then she'll crack some unexpected joke and you'll remember there is an awesomely funny woman under that serious business person. I feel spoilt to have worked with her." - Caroline S, Caroline, Sydney

"I’ve been working with Jessica for several months after connecting with her when I was looking at Instagram courses to ensure that I was on top of my knowledge. From there, I signed up to one of her on going memberships which allows me the chance to learn things from all different areas; including having some training sessions developed around what I want to learn!

Jessica has a wealth of knowledge and a fun personality which means that topics that would normally be dry and boring are given life; and she’s not afraid to share her knowledge of social media, email marketing or online businesses in general, meaning you will get a lot out of your time with her." - Anne P, The Office Maven, Melbourne

"I attended a marketing course with Jess and got so much more than marketing skills!
She got me excited about my business again and gave me ideas on how to make the structure work better for me & my life! I actually feel like I've had a new lease of life!"
- Kim T, African Beats, Gold Coast

Per week for the Life of your membership
  • Daily Intention Setting & Support from Jess
  • Nightly Check-Ins & Celebrations with Jess
  • Weekly Intention Setting & Group Intentions to focus on growing your business
  • Support if you're not sure what your next step is
  • Monthly Intention Setting & Check-Ins
  • Yearly Vision Planning / Boarding and Regular  Check-Ins throughout the year to keep you on track
  • Support to help you reach your goals in Marketing, Strategy, and Growth
How does Taking Inspired Action work?
Taking Inspired Action (TIA) is simply a space for you to be inspired, be kept accountable and have your road blocks removed in moving towards your goals. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we use the platform we spend most time on - Facebook. The TIA Facebook Group will be for paid members only and be private, so no one can view our discussions. 
How often do I need to show up in the group?
That is totally up to you. There is direct correlation between showing up and achieving your goals in any area of your life and this group is no different. You will get out of it what you put in - in spades!
What is 'inspired' action?
'Inspired' action means action that you take that will move you towards your goal instead of keeping you busy and stuck exactly where you are now. No more procrastinating!!
What if I don't like it?
No worries! Just let me know within 7 days and you'll get a full refund. 
Who is this for?
TIA is for business women who are ready to take 100% Self Responsibility in achieveing their goals and know that if they are to get where they want to go, they need to propel themselves forward. They are ready to go forward but need support and encouragement along the way. 
If it's a Facebook group, why isn't this free?
We're going to hazard a guess that you're already in a bunch of free Facebook Groups - just like us. Those groups are BRILLIANT for connecting, marketing, learning new things, meeting new people and having a laugh; some are even good for a little accountability... but they're free. So you don't feel obliged to show up. You're not committed to being in there every day to work ON your business and not in it. The nominal figure is to commit you to the program so you can get even better results. 
Do you offer even greater support?
Soon!! When we have TIA stable and working for you, we will be offering a VIP program to create Inspired Action Taker Super Heroes (so you can be your own Wonder Woman!) which will include weekly live calls with Jess for groups of 10 or less. Watch this space!
Can I cancel at any time?
Yes. If you are not getting the support you need, email us and we will cancel your subscription within 48 hours. We don't lock you into any contracts. 
So you're not selling me information?
Nope! You have all the information you need or you can get it from many reputable sources - what you can't get is ongoing support to cut through the overwhelm (ever get into one of those programs and been so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information that you learned nothing?? Jess is raising her hand!) and take action with certainty. - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions
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